Retama Restaurant

Awarded with a Michelin star, 2 Repsol sol (2023, 2024) and the Raiz Culinaria award (2023) for its wine list, Retama gives an avant-garde tribute to the cuisine of La Mancha and the products of the land, where every bite and sip tells a story


La Caminera Club de Campo. 13740 Torrenueva (Ciudad Real)


T. +34 926 344 733 E.

Opening hours

Opened: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Closed: Monday to Thursday

Lunch 1.30 pm - 3:15 pm.

Dinner 8:30 pm - 11 pm.

Friday open for dinner service only

Saturday lunch and dinner service

Sunday open for lunch service only

Retama Menu will not be served later than 03.00 pm in the lunch service and 10.30 pm in the dinner service.

It is necesary to book a table in advance. (Adults Only)

Dress code: Smart casual.


The team

Miguel Ángel Expósito and Vicenta "Pity" Rojo come together to create unique experiences...

Miguel Ángel Expósito is our head chef. With the enthusiasm that characterises him, at Retama he offers a gastronomic experience that revolves around local produce and a new interpretation of La Mancha cuisine.

Vicenta "Pity" Rojo is our manager and sommelier at Retama. He conveys his passion for service and cuisine to diners with a friendly and approachable manner, discovering new wine and culinary proposals that make each guest's experience unique.

Chef de cuisine: Miguel Ángel Expósito
Manager: Vicenta "Pity" Rojo
Sommelier: Vicenta "Pity" Rojo

The chef

Miguel Ángel Expósito and sustainable cuisine

Chef Miguel Ángel Expósito combines experience and his culinary restlessnes in the search for new experiences in La Mancha's cuisine.

A champion of local produce, reared with the same care with which he cooks it in the kitchen, he suggests to awaken our senses with a proposal based on passion, modernity and the traditional genre of La Mancha recipes.

Born in Seville and, for some years now, a resident of La Mancha, Miguel Ángel Expósito got his training in the kitchens of Mugaritz, Martín Berasategui and Can Jubany before joining Javier Aranda at La Cabra, gaytán and, eventually, La Caminera as Head Chef from 2019.

An active member of Eurotoques, his passion for local cuisine has led him to represent our cuisine at events such as Raíz Culinaria and Sabores del Quijote.

The offering

Own identity, global influence

Miguel Ángel Expósito deploys all of his wisdom and creativity to offer us an innovative cuisine that is based on tradition and his connection with the territory.

An offering with its own identity where local dishes and produce coexist with techniques and flavours from other cultures, creating short gastronomic stories that will excite you with every bite.

Gastronomic Tradición Experience: 80 € per person. Wine pairing supplement: 40 € per person.

Gastronomic Retama Experience: 120 € per person. Wine pairing supplement: 60 € per person.


The space

A spectacle for the eyes and palate

A place to enjoy the authentic flavours of everything that comes from the land, against the backdrop of a décor that combines fine oak and age-old olive trees, flowers and native plants with the latest trends in interior design.




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Where each bite and each sip tells a story