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Discover La Mancha’s wetlands

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Tablas de Daimiel

A unique wetland in Europe

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Cabañeros National Park

Enjoy the majestic flight of the Iberian imperial eagle

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Campo de Calatrava's volcanoes

For geology enthusiasts

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Cimbarra waterfall

Where the power of water has drawn an extraordinary landscape

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Alcudia valley natural park

The garden of La Mancha

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Campo de Criptana's windmills

Following in the footsteps of Don Quixote

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Calatrava La Nueva's Castle

A journey back to the Middle Ages

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La Mancha towns

Six towns and cities to lose yourself in

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The living history of bullfighting

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The Athens of La Mancha

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La Mancha, a land of wines

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Cheese factories

A visit to discover the origin of the Manchego flavour

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Fenavin – International Wine Fair

The leading Spanish wine event

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The Almagro Classical Theatre Festival

A classic theatre event

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Almodóvar's film route

A walk through his movies

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The Alfonsí culinary festival

A culinary journey back to the Middle Ages

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The art of tapas

The art of going for tapas in Ciudad Real

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The La Borricá festival

Tradition on horseback

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