La Mancha towns

Six towns and cities to lose yourself in

Ciudad Real

82 km from the hotel
Founded by Alfonso X ‘the Wise’ in 1255, Ciudad Real has managed to combine past, present and future to create a unique character. A typical La Mancha city, where the footprints of Don Quixote and religion are present at every step, it offers the visitor endless cultural, artistic and culinary attractions. Make sure you visit the Puerta de Toledo, an example of La Mancha Mudéjar architecture, and Santa María del Prado Cathedral, with its unique blend of architectural styles; stroll around the Plaza Mayor square, where you will find numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy the typical cuisine; and explore the old wall, which protected the city in the Middle Ages. Visiting Ciudad Real is like being in an open-air museum.


56 km from the hotel
Classified as a Historic-Artistic Site, Almagro exudes art, culture and tradition from all of its streets and squares. The life of the city is inexorably linked to the theatre, most notably the Corral de Comedias, which has remained in operation since the 17th century. The theatre, which is maintained in excellent condition, gave rise to the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival, an unmissable event for lovers of the performing arts. Take advantage of your visit to the city to enjoy a stroll through its impressive Plaza Mayor square, famous for its arcades supported by stone columns and glazed galleries. A site of singular beauty.


22 km from the hotel
Like most cities in the area, Valdepeñas has a great historical and artistic heritage, such as the Church of the Assumption, a classified Site of Cultural Interest, and the Hermitage of Veracruz, built in the 16th century on the site of a former synagogue, which by themselves deserve a stop-off along the way. The city is, of course, best known worldwide for the production of quality wines from the DO Valdepeñas designation of origin. If you are passionate about wine, during your stay at La Caminera, we recommend that you visit the Wine Museum, where you can learn about the history and evolution of winemaking in the region, not to mention the popular Wine and Harvest Festivals, which take place every 1 to 8 September.

Puerto Lápice

87 km from the hotel
Fans of the adventures of the Ingenious Nobleman Don Quixote will remember the name of this small municipality typical of La Mancha, mentioned several times in the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes. Its whitewashed houses, the quiet courtyards of its country inns and its picturesque Plaza Mayor square with two-storey arcades will transport you back to the time of Don Quixote and his adventures and misadventures.

Viso del Marqués

30 km from the hotel

Land of olives tress and big game preserves, the residents of this places are called viseños. The Genearl Archive of the Navy is based in Viso del Marqués, in the Palace of the Marqués Santa Cruz. It stands out in its walls and ceilings for the double thematic:  mythological scenes and naval battles.

Argamasilla de Alba

83 km from the hotel
Located in the flattest area of the La Mancha plateau and traversed from north to south by the Guadiana River, Argamasilla de Alba is another of the essential settings to better understand Don Quixote, the place in La Mancha that Miguel de Cervantes did not want to remember. It is said that in Casa Cueva Medrano, today the town’s Municipal Library and Tourist Office, the brilliant writer wrote the first pages of his masterly novel from a cell. You can also visit the house of Bachiller Carrasco, another of its unforgettable characters.

San Carlos del Valle

40 km from the hotel
This municipality of just 1,200 inhabitants stands out for its circular layout and imposing church, located on the town’s main street. The dome of the Church of San Carlos del Valle, topped with a spire that reaches 47 metres from the ground, emerges above the town and is visible from several miles around. Due to its shape and grandeur, it bears a close resemblance to the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican. Its impressive Plaza Mayor square, a classified Site of Cultural Interest, and recently restored Municipal Hostelry are other attractions in this unique municipality.