Wine cellar

A land of flavours


Camino de Altamar s/n 13740 Torrenueva (Ciudad Real)


T. +34 926 344 733 E.

Opening hours

Lunch 1 pm - 3:30 pm

Dinner 8 pm - 11 pm

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday open for lunch service only.

From a land with its own name, from the cultivation of grapevines of exceptional quality bathed by long hours of sun and from a region of endless vineyards, an exceptional wine emerges. An elixir that distils all of the character, warmth and ruggedness of this land of contrasts.

La Caminera’s wine cellar offers guests the best wines from the region through a sensorial exploration that delves deeply into La Mancha and gathers all of its strength, delicacy and diversity.

The perfect pairing for the culinary offering of our chef Javier Aranda.

From vineyards bathed by long hours of sun, an extraordinary wine is created