Body rituals

Rituals where the texture of the skin and relaxation take centre stage

Almond firming exfoliation

This treatment is a total body exfoliation that uses a delicious almond paste made from a mixture of butter and almond oil infused with almond shells and sugar crystals. It offers a gentle and effective exfoliation which removes the dead cells and redefines the texture of the skin. It leaves the skin perfectly smooth with a delicate aroma of fresh almonds, ready to receive the almond milk concentrate. This creamy and silky texture penetrates the skin without leaving residues of fat. The skin feels soft and enveloped in a delicate and fresh fragrance.

  • Duration 30min
  • Price per person 70€

Shea nourishing wrap

After preparing the skin of the whole body with a pleasant exfoliant, a wrap is applied to the areas of the skin that are dehydrated, damaged by the sun or lacking in vitality. While the whole body is bathed in the active ingredients that nourish (shea butter), hydrate (honey extracts) and soften (kaolin) the skin, the therapist performs a scalp massage that ensures a moment of pure relaxation.

  • Duration 60min
  • Price per person 120€


Mima tus manos con una manicura de lujo

  • Duration 30min
  • Price per person 45€
  • Duration 60min
  • Price per person 85€


Mima tus pies con una pedicura de lujo

  • Duration 30min
  • Price per person 65€
  • Duration 60min
  • Price per person 110€

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